How to Play Mega Millions for the First Time


In 2019, the popular lottery competition Mega Millions has gotten the same, increasing popularity as the years before, and many people aspire to win this lottery game in order to change their lives for good.

However, other people still haven’t tried their luck in Mega Millions and are interested in giving it a shot this year. The requirements of this lottery prize is pretty easy to follow, even for total beginners; all you need is some cash and good luck!

As a starter, the tickets of the lottery cost about $3 and players have to pick five numbers between one and seventy; and then they choose an additional number between one and twenty five.

Playing Mega Millions

Last year, the Mega Millions jackpot hit one billion dollar which is considered to be the highest ever prize in the history of the lottery; and as a result more people were prompted to purchase more Mega Millions tickets to try their luck.

After choosing the lucky numbers, the winner must have six matching figures to win the grand prize. Nevertheless, other people get to win other smaller prizes as well when matching other formulas of the numbers.

Winning Mega Millions

So, even if you’re standing a very small chance of winning, you can hopefully win other less grand prizes if you’re lucky enough. All you have to do is purchase the ticket – or several tickets – and pray that your luck serves you well.

How to buy Mega Millions tickets online


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