How to Write the Best Cover Letter


Employers are growing more interested in good representation of one’s own skills and knowledge when looking for new employees and young talents. And of course it can’t be denied that a well-written, unique and straight-forward cover letter can help you seize good and interesting job opportunities.

So, start paying extra attention and put more effort in renovating and recreating your cover letter when applying for the next job. There aren’t stable, familiar methods to writing official cover letters and that’s why there is a huge variety of templates and options to choose from depending on your personal preference and goals.

Cover letter templates can be easily found over the internet, and you can either choose any template and try and make your letter as close as possible to your resume, or you can create your own personal template with slight changes that’ll individualize your own job application.

Writing a Cover Letter

A decent cover letter doesn’t have to be created 100% in accordance with the norms; you can still add your personal touches and modifications, but make sure to use the same font size, font type, colors and header for both of your resume and cover letter. More importantly, don’t waste the time of the employers and start the letter immediately with your aims and objectives and what you aspire for by taking the job in hand.

Being straight-forward is the best way to attract the attention of any employer; gather enough information about the company or organisation you’re applying for and state what both sides of the equation are going to earn if you’re the chosen one. And if you stress what you can do and how the company is going to benefit from your existence, you might as well entice the employer to give you a job interview.

Hardworking & Teamwork

Most companies and brands are looking for diligent and hardworking staff that’ll help get the job done, or sell their products or services; consequently, you should stress your skills and knowledge – and experience – in relation to the field. Additionally, don’t brag about your qualifications and courses you took, instead try and show that you’re an open-minded persona who’s adaptable to change and capable of creating and executing innovative ideas and concepts. Yet, don’t be afraid to state your achievements through studies and previous experience, and acknowledge the fact that teamwork is vital to the collective success of any firm or institute.

Keep in mind that any cover letter must not exceed one page; if you find that you’ve put together a lengthy letter, modify and edit the content and information til everything is fit within only one page. Don’t state too much, or too little, information and remember that the person who reads the letter has enough time for the useful, informative and concise.

Cover Letter Samples & Examples


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