How to Make Coffee-Flavored Pancakes


Nowadays, it has be impossible for anyone to not know about the delicious taste of pancakes that can be flavored and embedded with many syrups and fresh fruits such as strawberries and bananas.

However, for those who might be more into having pancakes for breakfast, adding a bit of coffee to your favorite daily snack can turn the day into a better one. Coffee-flavored pancakes are currently very popular and all you have to do is prepare a coffee-infused syrup using regular coffee with milk if you want.

Preparing pancakes

And to prepare the pancakes, mix one cup of flour, baking powder, a tiny bit of salt, sugar, egg/s, vanilla and butter into one bowl until the entire mixture is smooth enough. Make sure to mix the powdery substances first and then add the butter, egg/s and vanilla to the powder mixture.

Then start cooking each pancake using a non-sticky frying pan til each piece reaches the bright golden stage on both sides. To assure oneself that the pancakes are well prepared, you’ll start noticing some bubbles on the top whilst cooking the pancakes.

And finally, to serve the snack, you can infuse some creme fraiche between the layers with different types of fruits, and lastly pour the coffee and milk syrup on top.

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