How to Make the Delicious French Toast with Nutella


French toast is undoubtedly one of those favorite breakfast meals and daily snacks that make the day better once you add some flavor and a tasty syrup. And making French toast with Nutella is going to be even better – since who doesn’t love chocolate!

As a start, prepare your ingredients including slices of French brioche, four eggs, cinnamon, vanilla, sugar and butter; and then you can adjust the add-ons according to your taste, such as Nutella or powder sugar, and any kind of fresh fruits.

Nutella Stuffed French Toast

The directions are pretty easy: in a bowl, start mixing the eggs, cinnamon, vanilla and sugar. Then soak the slices in the mixture you prepared.

In a non-sticky pan, melt the butter and start cooking the slices until each reaches a golden brown stage and the mixture you soaked the slices in is completely cooked. Then you can apply the add-ons as you wish; if you’re a fan of chocolate, then go ahead and spread a thick layer of Nutella on top of each slice and after that you can put some fresh fruits such as strawberries, blueberries or bananas.

Also, don’t forget to prepare your favorite syrup for some extra flavor; coffee syrup is very famous currently and can be used when French toast is served as a breakfast.

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