How to Tie a Tie correctly can Complete Your Final Look!


It can’t be doubted that adding a tie to the entire look can uplift the outfit and transform it into the formal atmosphere easily; and with the tie styles, and overall formal fashion trends, growing per year, the importance of learning how to tie a necktie, or simply a tie, has also been growing for men, women and young adults who are venturing into new careers and jobs.

For some people, a tie is a pretty easy and quick step of the daily routine; but for others, a tie is indeed a crucial part of the outfit of the day but there needs to be some sort of a help or assistance in order to get the final tie shape done perfectly.

Necktie knots

There are of course hundreds of websites and blogs that can provide many ways to tie a tie differently on a daily basis; so if you happen to be struggling with your everyday tie routine, you can easily check out any trusted website for meticulous steps to tie your tie.

However, adding a necktie to the formal uniform is pretty easy and manageable; there are several steps to follow that’ll end up with the tie perfectly folded! As a start, put the bigger end of the tie on your right and the smaller end on your left. Then put the bigger end over the smaller one to your left.

After that put the bigger end of the tie into the neck loop from downwards and then down to the left. When you finish, pull the knot of the tie up or down to adjust the entire look.

How to tie a necktie Guide

Tie knots

    1. Full Windsor Knot
    2. Four In Hand Knot
    3. Half Windsor Knot
    4. Nicky Knot
    5. St Andrew Knot
    6. Balthus Knot
    7. Hanover Knot
    8. Bow Tie Knot
    9. Kelvin Knot
    10. Pratt Knot
    11. Eldredge Knot
    12. Trinity Knot
    13. Plattsburgh Knot
    14. Christensen Knot
    15. Grantchester Knot
    16. Victoria Knot
    17. Cafe Knot

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